Airworthiness regulations require manufacturers to demonstrate that engine can tolerate a build-up of ice, and then shed it without affecting engine performance in a variety of conditions. Ice testing for engine certification is one of the main services offered by MDS AeroTest at the GLACIER facility.


Icing certification testing is reliant on cold weather and simulated icing cloud conditions. Conventional cold weather test facilities simulate cold conditions at considerable cost. At GLACIER we take advantage of the naturally cold weather conditions thus avoiding the costs associated with creating cold conditions artificially. Simulating icing cloud conditions is a science. Though our partnership with the National Research Council of Canada, GLACIER is equipped with the most advanced icing cloud simulation system available today. Customers that do their testing with MDS AeroTest at GLACIER have access to the most advance technology for icing cloud simulation and experience significant test cost savings over traditional facilities.


The facility is a ground-based open air test stand capable of testing a very wide range of gas turbine engines. As an engine-generic installation, it includes the infrastructure and test systems necessary for the introduction of both current and future aerospace engines. The sub-arctic weather conditions of Thompson, Manitoba, make it an ideal location for outdoor icing tests, low temperature endurance testing, cold soak, and other adverse weather testing of flight vehicles and their propulsion systems. During the off season, the facility also provides ideal conditions for other performance, endurance and operability testing.

Winter Services
  • Icing Certification
  • Low Temperature Endurance
  • Cold Start


Summer Services
  • Performance
  • Endurance
  • Thrust Reverse