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Engine Testers Keep Busy Around the Clock and Throughout the Year

Passing the Global Aerospace Centre for Icing and Environmental Research (GLACIER) jet engine testing facility off Highway 6 on the coldest day of winter, you might wonder what sort of test might be underway at that time. But most likely, says Don Pereira, who manages the facility on behalf of MDS AeroTest, the answer would be none.

“That really cold period in the middle [of winter] is typically where we’re changing from one engine to the next, which is good for the engine test program but it’s a lot of work for the guys that are outside in the cold as they reconfigure the tunnel and swap an engine in and out,” he explains. “They’ve got to have a pretty hardy crew when it comes to actually swapping over an engine in the January timeframe or even late December. The coldest weather, that’s when we’re out there actually doing the hardest, most laborious outside work so that has its challenges, too.”

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Posted by: Thompson Citizen